Link Miller Productions Presents

June 11, 2016 * 8AM - 4PM
1101 S. Mineral Place Littleton, CO 80120

Welcome to Denver's 1st Digital Pitch Fest for Fiction Writers

* One Day
* 20 Agents
* Multiple Genres (Fiction AND Non-Fiction -- and one Screenwriting Agent!)
* 240 Video Chat Pitch Opportunities to Pitch Your Book
* Perfect Your Pitch online class

In 2016, 150 pitches were given to 18 agents by 40 writers.

We had an astounding 80% request rate.

In 2017, we are determined to do even better!

More agents.
More pitch slots.
More writers practicing their pitches, meeting agents, and pitching their books.

Join us, won't you?

Saturday, February 25, 2017.